Your own music

For releases where you are the only rights owner on all tracks, we will only charge you an administrative fee to register your music, which covers up to 5,000 copies per release.  This is to is to register your release properly. Remember to also register your music compositions at your national performance rights society. (STIM/TONO/KODA/TEOSTO/STEF).

  • If you are the only rights holder on all the tracks, apply as an individual.
  • If you and your band members are the only rights holders on all tracks, remember to include all co-creators in the report.
  • If all rights holders on all tracks own the company that releases the recording, your company is the author of all the tracks, apply as a business organization.
  • Note that special rules apply for Finland. Read more here.

The recording must be released on your own label/catalogue number. The “applicant” is the one who is responsible for the release of the music and for the payment of copyright to NCB. The “author” is the one who wrote the music and/or lyrics.

Licensing terms