About us


NCB provides administration and licensing services to composers, lyricists, music publishers and author societies, and issues licences to users for the recording, manufacture and distribution of music on physical as well as digital media.

Our primary market is the Nordic/Baltic region and our head office is in Copenhagen.

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> NCB is the connection between creators and users of music
> Division of work between NCB and other societies

NCB is the connection between creators and users of music

NCB is the connection point between the thousands of rights holders who create and own music on one side, and the many music users who reproduce music for commercial or other purposes. We ensure that the rights holders get their rightful share of royalties, and we make it easier for those who need a licence to use the music.

To cover administration costs NCB deducts a commission before distributing royalties to the rights holders. If there are no royalties due to a rights holder, no commission is charged.

Division of work between NCB and other societies

Typically, rights holders assign their rights to a society. In the Nordic/Baltic region, the rights are assigned to the national performing rights societies, who administer the rights in connection with music being played, performed or in any other way communicated to the public.

All of the Nordic/Baltic national societies have »re-assigned« the administration of reproduction rights to NCB with a view to ensure a more cost-effective and swift administration. Also, NCB has agreements with copyright societies worldwide enabling NCB to represent as large a repertoire as possible in our region.

The rights involved in online distribution of music are jointly administered by NCB and the national societies.