Rights holders


If you are a composer, lyricist or music publisher, it is important that your rights are safeguarded in the best possible way in order to ensure that you receive royalties when others use your music.

NCB can safeguard your "mechanical rights" = the right to record, manufacture and distribute copyright music – on physical as well as digital media.

Your national performing rights society administers your "performing rights" = the right to perform or communicate copyright music to the public.

Online distribution of music is administered by NMP and your national performing rights society in cooperation.

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> This is how it works
> Do you release your own music?

This is how it works

For the work we undertake on your behalf – register track information, collect royalties, distribute royalties - NCB deducts a commission from the amount we receive from those who use your music.

NCB's commission rates vary for various products, just as the commission rate is dependent on whether it is NCB or one of our foreign partners who has collected the royalty payment. You will always be able to see the commission deducted on the statement you get when we make royalty distributions. The commission rates are fixed by NCB's Board of Directors.

On 1 January 2013 NCB was VAT registered. This means that as from our June 2013 Distribution, VAT will be charged of NCB's commission. The VAT rate is 25%. A separate tax statement showing the VAT charged will be available together with your ordinary royalty statement. Please note that the VAT is not deducted from the total appearing on your royalty statement.

Do you release your own music?

If you as a rights holder relase your own music, special terms apply.

Read more about the terms on this link: [Do you release your own music]