If you are a service provider that via the internet offers download and/or streaming of music, music videos, video on demand or other products which include music, you will need a digital online licence.

If you operate in the Nordic/Baltic area, you can obtain your licence from NCB and/or your national performing rights society.

This applies to all kinds of music – even fragments of music – and irrespective of the service provider being an individual or a company. In most cases the service provider will be eligible to a single licence covering both the reproduction and communication rights.

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Release of your own tracks
through an online service provider

If you are looking to release you own tracks digitally only through an online service provider, you do not need a licence yourself. Your online service provider will be responsible for obtaining all required licences for these activities.

However, in order for NCB and the national performing rights societies to be able to collect royalties on your behalf and distribute them to you, you need to provide us with the necessary information in order to identify your songs.

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